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Discover the Global Campus Advanced Human Rights Programmes

Become a member of our international community by participating to one of our courses. The Global Campus offers you a variety of master’s programmes and courses focused on human rights issues and democratisation processes.

By being taught by international renowned academics and experts working for the EU, the UN and other international organisations and NGOs, our up-to-date programmes are designed to give you the best multicultural and problem-centred learning experience.

Transitology – Pathways to and from Democracy

Children's Right to Education in Armed Conflict

Children’s Mental Health: Rights and Perspectives

Transitology – Pathways to and from Democracy

Business and Human Rights

Science and Human Rights

Children’s Rights and Technology in the Digital Age

Children Deprived of Liberty: Learning from the UN Global Study

Promoting and Protecting Human Rights: a Global Overview

Counter Human Trafficking in South East Asia (SEA)

Citizenship and Human Rights Education for change


Ongoing - Free Enrolment

e-NACT series: Fundamental Rights of the EU

The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights is the main instrument of fundamental rights protection within the European Union. Its use, however, aside from raising complex legal issues, is very much dependent on the awareness of its potential on the part of judges, lawyers and individuals.


Upcoming MOOCs


and Human Rights

Applying a multi-regional approach, the MOOC focuses on the link between companies and human rights defenders, including consideration of the UN Guiding Principles, recent case-law, and child labour issues.

Winter 2020


Children’s Rights and Technology in the Digital Age

Digital technologies have already shifted the dynamic of many homes, classrooms, and multimedia platforms, but is the child’s best interest central to these experiences? How will they shape the minds and behaviours of the coming generations?

Spring 2021


Child participation and the right to a sustainable environment

By speaking to young climate activists as well as children’s rights specialists, environment experts and human rights scholars, the MOOC will examine concepts, standards and practices of child participation in environmental matters.

Summer 2021